Dakota Sissys Cowgirl

Photo Date 4-28-19
D.O.B.: 05/28/2014
TLBAA#: CAI292952*
60.0 Tip-to-Tip
on 05/09/2020

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Sissy is a Cowboy Chex x Top Caliber granddaughter who has her sire's solid conformation, beautiful tri-color spots coming on and a sweet disposition. Her calves have excellent conformation and a lot of total horn. She throws excellent calves.

        GR Grand Unlimited
{ Peacemaker 44 {
Possum Queen
Cowboy Chex    
  BL Poco Bueno {
LCR Buena Joya
Top Caliber
{ Montana 945 {
Rutledge's Twilight
Dakota Take Breath Away    
Hunts Super Expectation
  Dakota Expect Respect {
Hunts Dakota Respect

Calving History

DG Sissy's CC Digger
DG Sissy's CC Digger
DOB 08/26/2016
DG Brutus
DG Brutus
DOB 10/25/2017
DG Gambler's Girl
DG Gambler's Girl
DOB 09/05/2019