CCR Champagne Taste

D.O.B.: 07/15/2009
TLBAA#: C263778
ITLA#: 263377
49.0 Tip-to-Tip
on 09/21/2014


A nice young younger foundation cows, Champagne carries a superior background including Phenomenon, Emperor, CowboyMan and packed Butler Breeding. She also has a wonderful natural resistance to horn flies that is she passing to her calves, who have all been consistently solid bodied and rapid growing. She has been a wonderful Mama with perfect udder and lets us play with her newborns without a concern. She recently calved a beautiful heifer from our young herd sire who took second in complete and total horn at the Horn Measurement in OKC 10/2014, and who is a Hunts Command Respect line crossed with Roundup line. She is now sold, and will be a foundation cow for Terry & Heidi.

{ JK Sterling 262 {
Tar Baby's D Lite
SR Sterling's Tuffy 203    
  S&L's Coyote Cookie {
Delta Cookie
FA 911
{ PJ's champagne Appetite {
FA Red Leggins
CCR Classic Jackie    
  CCR Cowboy's Jackie {
Black Jackie

Calving History

DG Champagne Fizz
DG Champagne Fizz
DOB 08/15/2012
DG Champagne Diamond
DG Champagne Diamond
DOB 06/07/2013
DG Tonto
DG Tonto
DOB 05/12/2014
DG Okie's Sunshine Taste
DG Okie's Sunshine Taste
DOB 04/21/2015